Why do people expect 3D buildings?

I’m sure those aren’t exact figures. I’m also sure that you don’t know the cost of upkeep, and maintenance of the servers, or the cost to design and program. They have many employees who need a salary, this must take a lot of funds too. There are many variables right there that you didn’t account for. Also, one thing you forgot to mention was time, maybe they don’t have the time to create 3D buildings, and they are trying to get other things done before the tackle large projects. There are a lot more things to consider before you jump to conclusions.

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I actually would love to see people landing and takeing off in storms it would be fun and hilarious

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Please don’t take the offensive Mr Moderator. The gentleman asked an intelligent question and it deserves an intelligent answer. I do know a thing or two about the things you mentioned and I agree with you on the additional variable of time. I have moderated the conversation myself and have not noticed any bullying of any sort. I don’t have a problem with any of the monies being made, which is my point … The issue is not lack of money, ie feeding/clothing/etc

I said I wanted a source, you’ve given me one. Keep in mind that we’re talking about estimated gross revenue, there are taxes and such to be factored in as well. Aerofly does not have the server costs, nor the subscription revenue. Aerofly FS’s company made around $70K, which makes sense if you factor in the lack of subscriptions. Keep in mind that the proprietors of a privately held corporation have full rights to distribute revenue in whatever way they want to, there really is nothing we can do. If you think paying $49.99 per year is too much for the value proposition, then you go right ahead and not pay for it. They have no legal obligation to do anything, I agree that more transparency in the what they are working on at the moment and more frequent updates is a great idea.

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Just because I’m a moderator doesn’t mean I’m always moderating, just trying to have a discussion here ;)
This conversation is completely appropriate, with 0 signs of bullying. I commend you for your time and effort put into the responses you’ve put out.


So here is the question I would ask. 3D buildings or Global Flight. Hmmm…

Are they capable of 3D buildings. Well that was evident from the 2012 video which was kicking about. Can the small iPad phones and other low end devices sustain 3D (remember not everyone has the latest iPhone and they all expect their devices to still work).

Since 3D buildings only appear for a fraction of the time while using IF I suspect this may be on a lower priority. Something big is cooking for sure but it is not 3D buildings … Yet.

Ask yourself why IF is so popular. It is a thriving community with many users giving up their time to take turns at ATC. Where can you find this level of participation at one time on a flight simulator. Count the number of planes flying during the weekend escapades.

I would suggest wait patiently and good things will come.


I opened the door to one source that’s readily accepted amongst a mostly Apple audience. These are public releases that anyone can research. Please feel free to present more information. This is not an argument, or a a slam on FDS. There are only a finite amount of variables as to why something isn’t happening.

Plus I didn’t ask the question, just wanting to participate by presenting what those variables are

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Yes and there are currently only a finite number of developers. Philippe likes to run a tight ship.

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Bottom line, I think it’s definitely on the agenda, but not something they’re planning to do right now, they can only do so many things at once.

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If everything came in one update, how I will be excited in the Next updates??

I trust the source, I am not questioning it.

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Are we still talking about the 3D buildings? Or about how much money does FDS make per month?

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I hope so, the reasoning behind a Developers decision are based on many things, all too often the monies required is the stumbling block. Not the case here, which is a good thing. The priorities for Infinite Flight is navigation and communication, which is beyond any other Sim on the mobile platform, and my original post back in November that I used as reference reflects the success of FDS endeavors in either Apple or Android. I believe they are capable financially and experientially.

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Success on Android would mean a game not suddenly freezing, the yoke not working at random and important parts, random crashes etc…

On the other hand, even if FDS made tons of money, they´d still need to find a way to add 3D buildings while at the same time having a low RAM usage.

One way to save RAM would be: from a distance the game would not render the 3D buildings. This would permit free up more memory and IF would run better in weaker cell. (sorry for my bad english😉)

The problem would be when you´re on final. Lag fest 20xx.

There’s a setting for quality of land/aircraft etc to allow low end devices to work - so ‘not enough RAM’ doesnt really fit a reason not implement 3d buildings for me, as this could be added to the settings too, but you never know - the developers may surprise us one day with something not mentioned on twitter or talked about on here for weeks/months :)

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Perhaps slider settings like MSFS used for autogen would help. You could select on a scale no 3D buildings, then sparse, few, normal, many etc.

Although I think 3D buildings would also need some kind of MSFS land class system to do this - that could be very time intensive.

Indeed, I’m sure FDS has success in their in their business formula. One cannot just keep on saying … Ah, its just eye candy … So, whether the topic is about what’s outside the windshield, ah it’s just eye candy … Or whether it’s what’s inside the windshield, ah its just eye candy … After awhile one realizes … okay, well if what’s outside the windshield and inside the windshield is eye candy what exactly is the focus … It’s navigation and communication. That’s the focus.


This topic has run its course, not much more can be said here and many are just posting suggestions about 3D buildings. If you have any suggestions about 3D buildings, post them in the link below.
Thanks :)