Why do people do this?

So I’ve seen a lot of feature requests recently that are requesting liveries for planes that aren’t even in IF.

For example: I would like the American Airlines livery on the Fokker 100.
(This isn’t a request. It’s just an example. )
There isn’t even a Fokker 100 in IF and it has never been confirmed so why request a livery for a plane that we don’t even have?

We do people do this?

Thanks guys 😄

(This is not a rant or anything like that. Im honestly just confused)


Because there is technically no rule preventing it; therefore, they can do it and justify their action if questioned by authorities.


Ok. Cool 🙂

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I think we should shut down the feature request category now.


I like the category but dislike all the livery and aircraft request. They obscure the actually good requests. Like runway lights turning on during daytime low vis as per real life. We should have one thread for livery requests and one for aircraft requests to keep them all in one place


Because that person wants the Fokker 100 and AA livery

because they want to post something but they cant post anything productive so they end up in #features for likes?


I’ve always thought livery requests should be limited to confirmed and planes currently in the game.




I agree with everyone guys. Especially @AR_AR! 😉
Thanks for replying! :-)

Feature requests and livery requests should be differentiated with different rules applying to both. There seems to be a grey area where liveries are concerned.

Liveries for existing aircraft in the sim should be suggested in the “livery cartegory.”

Liveries for non-existent aircraft such as the A350 or 737MAX8 should be mentioned in the feature catergory, in the topic that requested the plane. That way the devs can still gauge which liveries most of us would like to see. It will also reduce the influx of livery requests on aircraft that aren’t in the sim, which is the issue at hand.

If they ever confirm the aircraft, liveries could then be suggested in the “livery category.” Maybe if the mods allow a “tracking thread” to be created, that could signal the allowance of livery requests being officially posted in the “livery category” for that particular aircraft.

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What I hate is when people request a livery version for a plane but it’s already on there in the same family. Like someone requesting a livery for the A319, when there’s a perfectly good same livery on the A321. Just takes up space and it’s not needed

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I normally fly the A320 and would love to see an aircraft with the Raith Rovers livery.

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I say Livery requests should be banned full stop. Be honest, the devs know what liveries will be the most popular…

However, I refuse to mute the features category for the often interesting other stuff that shows up.


I personally think that those livery request should be limited because I’ve seen so many of them just in one day.

Lol the people on this forum get so mad on little things, it’s certainly a thing that there’s several bad feature requests, but some of you are proposing deleting the #features category hahaha, for all of you that want to do that I have a solution…

Mute the topic


Why delete livery requests? The Devs have added several liveries that were requested here and received a lot of likes.

If you don’t want to see a livery request simply don’t click on them.


That’s the best solution!

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They are requesting liveries for a requested plane ;)

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As community member of Infinite Flight i feel i have the right to post any feature request.

Let me explain.

In the past we was able to post a feature requests only for an aircraft and people does post airlines wanted on the discussion. Since its make things complicate to find every livery request trought 1500 posts, we decided that it would be better if we create separate topics for each livery.

It’s a bit too late for change the rules about non-IF planes.

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