Why do my topics keep getting closed

I’m wondering why my topics keep being closed

Just pm @moderators and they should tell you why

Hello again!

Your topics keep being closed because on the event one you made. You have to be TL2 to post in #live:events. And the other one you asked when will IF developers add the United B787. We don’t know when they will add it in game. For now, just continue in the topic that I linked where you requested to add it in game.



Please don’t move a topic back when a TL3 edits it :)

Otherwise your explanation is above

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We are going for Quality > Quantity. I’m sure if you make some nice topics you’ll get there in no time :)

I would recommend spending some time reading these as well as the pinned topic in each category, they will explain a little more what you can and cannot post
It’s also worth searching to see if your topic (or something similar) has already been posted, much like both your “favourite aircraft” and “United 787” topics. There are many many people posting every day, so we have to remove duplicates and remove non constructive topics to keep the forum rolling. As mentioned above, quality over quantity. You’ve made 5 topics today, some people don’t even have 5 posts a day


While you posting does help, make sure that you are making your topics properly so that they don’t get closed :-) Otherwise it doesn’t really help you reach that level.

What is said above is necessary.

Sadly they will continue to be closed due because they are unnecessary before making any post on the IFC for anything go to the search bar and look up your question or thing your looking for.

The Moderators help keep this place a wonderful and non clogged forum. Help them out in doing what others said above.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with,

You have to make sure that you were posting several topics. Please make sure refer to the IFC Topic and Reply Guidelines. They may be getting close because they are violating these.

On this topic, you would have to put this in #features, where are you can request this for a new aircraft

Topics about what your favorite plane is are always closed because they don’t provide much community engagement. Infinite flight has said it multiple times, they do not accept these kind of topics

Use the search bar instead of trying to ask for links to topics in a topic. Use the search bar and search for feature requests. They were there, there was a feature request for almost every aircraft and livery out there. You pretty much just have to search. If you find that there was not a feature request, you can go ahead and create one!

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We try to leave a note on closing most posts. If you ever have a question though you can send us a message :)