Why do my posts get closed?

I recently started a discussion for global flight and a moderator closed it…why? Did I do something wrong?

I guess its because there are a few such discussion threads still active and yours was a duplicate.

You can do a search for global at thw top of the page and theres a few general discussion threads on it.


Thanks. But I wanted to create a discussion specifically for people who want to add comments and suggestions for an upcoming YT video of mine. Amy suggestions how?

If you have an issue with a moderator closing a post of your, personally message that moderator or another moderator to discuss the matter personally. You can do that by going to their profile and hitting the “Message” button. There’s no need to make a separate thread about it :)


Because @MishaCamp like it :)

I read your post from before. Do what that guy told you. Go to the “Features” category, and scan through the titles, until you find something related to global. You can read it if you want, mark it down and continue looking. You won’t even need to make a post there, which probably won’t be allowed, since that category is limited to TL2 and higher, and it pretty much has to be a feature request