Why do my landing count decrease when I crash land

Just a question, it might have been been addressed before, I am not sure. I thought I was perhaps being miscalculating my landings. I saw this happen last month after I crash landed, that my landings immediately decrease by one. So I put this to test to see whether something was wrong or it was just me. So I went to casual server I let my aircraft crash land and when I checked my landings indeed they have decreased. So I did touch and goes to get back to my G5, all was good until I crash landed again. And immediately went to G4 as I lost one landing. Today I did the same thing, crash landed twice and lost two landings. (again on Casual Server)
Is this new or has it been like this all the time?
Anyone with an answer please explain the mechanics behind landings deductions when you crash land. Thanks

Why exactly are you crash landing?

After several unsuccessful attempts I’m not able to reproduce this. Does this occur when you attempt to land at an airport or are you crashing into water or a mountain perhaps?

Note that everyday your 90 day landing count will change.


I even attempted reproduced this but no successful attempts. What you’re saying about landing counts decreasing overtime could be the correct answer as the probability scale of landing counts decreasing from crashing into mountains, water or at an aiport I believe is less likely to impossible.

When you say “checked my landings” how do you mean? Are you looking at the grade table or were you referring to the landing count in the status bar?

Can you be more specific in what happened? Did you do a few patterns and then crash? Or did you crash on the first pattern?

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Perhaps it’s purely coincidental that whenever you crash landed you had landed 90 days prior, and that landing has now surpassed the 90 day mark?

@Altaria55 I noticed the decrease when I crash landed, so I decided to check this out hence I did it again because I needed to understand why it decreased in the first place.

@Levet one of the reasons I tested this was to be sure before I post this query. So I did some patterns at KSFO from 94 landings 201 landings. I then crash landed as I was about to land for my 202 landing, after which my landings dropped to 200 immediately thereafter. So I took off again and crash landed on purpose this time, and my landings dropped to 199.
So today my landings were at 199 I did LOWW - EHAM and landed no change to my landings, remained at 199.
I then decided to do patterns to increase my landings, so I overshot the runway after landing and crashed into a ditch, my landings decreased to 198, and did another pattern to be absolutely sure of what I was seeing, I crash landed and dropped to 197. Hence my post on this

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Okay I am going to do patterns again, this time I am going to take a screen shot of my status bar first then try another crash landing and see what happens. I will post the difference, if nothing happens I will still post my findings

Are you doing multiple landings in a session?

Can you do each of these? We need to separate out single vs multiple.

Scenario 1

  • Record the # of landings on the grade screen
  • Take off, do a pattern, and crash
  • Record the # of landings on the grade screen

Scenario 2

  • Record the # of landings on the grade screen
  • Take off, do a pattern, land and take off again
  • finish pattern, crash
  • Record the # of landings on the grade screen

Okay will do Thanks

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