Why do many airports in Tahiti?

The title says it all. Does anyone know why the developers decided to add so many 3D airports in Tahiti?

I’m not complaining, I rarely fly GA so it does not matter to me where they are. I am just curious why they are all in the same place, especially when that place is in such a remote corner of the world.

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Isn’t the goal to have as many airports as possible? It may not mean much to some but I’m sure some users are happy to see some of their favorite or even home airports being added. It’s also a good break from the big hubs


I’m not questioning adding GA airports, that makes perfect sense. I’m not even really questioning Tahiti, I just explored them all and it’s beautiful.

I’m just wondering why they put 4-5 3D airports in the same place when they seemed to be trying to spread the 3D buildings around the globe.

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You can create good flights if you put airports in places that can make routes with each other.

That way you can do some island hopping with 3D airports instead of doing one GA 3D and the rest are blank


Wouldn’t something like this make you want to explore into another parts of Aviation? Fly new planes and explore new parts of the world rather than doing the basic IFR commercial flights

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Ah ok that makes sense. I guess I was thinking about it from an airliner perspective.

You missed the part where I said I just explored the islands. The 3D buildings were a nice touch and I was curious why they were all in one spot.

And I explained my reason. What I said may not have been directed at you specifically but more to others aswell.

Adding buildings to islands or small airports with buildings giving people the opportunity to go out there and fly into airports they haven’t seen before.


If you want to fly jetliners, you have an endless supply of 3D combinations to fly between. If you want to fly GA, you can really only fly to or from a 3D airport.

Tahiti opens up some new 3D airport routes :)


I’d say, the reason for this is full of excitement and speculation! 😉

Idk why there are so many but it benefits the virtual airline based in Tahiti.

there’s only 2, and Bora Bora is a fairly basic airport to add buildings to

I was wondering this myself actually. Since most the French Polynesian airports that are 3D only have ATR operated commercial services (which we obviously do not have in IF). But I guess it encourages GA hopping in the region too


Indeed, but it might well come one day, at least I very much hope so!

Exactly. It could always be in preparation for that, you never know



Adding into @Igor_M’s post.

I would like to mention that IRL Tahiti has like… three Cessnas between all the islands. These airports aren’t GA airports, they are small commercial airports that we have no way of realistically serving.

I know because I’ve been there twice 😂

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Welp I was wrong, but Huahine has small buildings too, and Moorea

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We need the big hubs to link the predominately flown real world commercial aviation routes and those in IF. The new A333 can’t operate out of Bora Bora and the day or second day it was released it represented over 80% of IF traffic. The development of as many 3D airports is obvious. The major airports of the world would be the strategically best choice to work on first with a few GA here and there. This would support the aircraft and routes used the most.

Point being…make Frankfurt, Atlanta or Hong Kong then Bora Bora after that since its still important in the big picture.
Now, Papeete does makes sense, you can fly AF, Air Tahiti Nui, French Bee or United into there. Get the drift …🙂

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And, to be fair, you do have them - KLAX, KSFO, KDEN, KJFK, EGLL, LFPG, RKSI, OMDB, VABB, FAOR, even TNCM (not a hub, but super iconic). And more coming (like LTFM which was confirmed recently). You therefore have quite a wide choice of routes from the hubs, vs. fewer from the GA perspective.

Also given this week’s FNF, of the hub-and-spoke model, you have several choices to fly to from hubs. No one’s forcing you to operate an A333 from Bora Bora.

I’m sure the GA and military community can do with some love as well, though. And given that Infinite Flight has chosen to work differently from other sims who usually focus on hubs first and add GA/military locations as an afterthought, this is quite honestly a refreshing change to see. Plus I’m sure it’s easier to create buildings for smaller airports than large hubs which need a lot more attention to detail.

Focusing on smaller, and more undiscovered ‘global’ locations than just the hubs has been pretty much at the core of Infinite Flight’s strategy so far, even when it comes to ATC. That’s why the new regions system was introduced, so more flexibility could be achieved in terms of choices of airports. The airliner perspective may be the ‘dominant’ perspective in Infinite Flight, but that doesn’t mean the other perspectives (military, GA etc.) should be an afterthought. :)

Is everyone gonna be happy with it? Of course not. But a lot of people are, and like Bruce (Drummer) said, it does make people pretty happy to see some of their home airports and favourite ones being added.

Be patient, the hubs will come. :)


tbf I don’t mind the devs adding smaller airports so long as you can do an actual realistic flight to it, even something as small as Socotra which we got in 21.3 that’s at least served by the Yemenia A320

Papeete is fine but adding like Bora Bora which are only served by Air Tahiti ATR and Twin Otters doesn’t make sense (unless we’ll surprisingly get one of those in the next update)
Would’ve been much better if we got 5 3D airports in China for example which doesn’t even have a single 3D airport instead of 5 in Tahiti