Why do Large/Small Airports attract you to fly there? (Community Poll)

Hi Everyone!
In Live, I always see people depart from Major Airports like Boston, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, Atlanta, and so on.

Why do these airports attract you? Is it because of the amount of runways available, or the amount of gates there are, or just because that airport IRL has a lot of destinations both Domestic and International that you can fly to?
There are many people who prefer to fly into large airports, but then there are those who fly into small airports not many have fly into as it’s not as busy as airports such as LAX or JFK.

My Reason for why I tend to fly into Small Airports like MHT

Now, when I fly, I tend to fly out of small airports, and sometimes big airports. You will almost always see me departing or Arriving into Manchester, NH (KMHT), as that is my hometown airport, and because I don’t have to taxi for a long time.
I can also use up to a Boeing 747-400 as the Runway is long enough to support flights not only to the West Coast, but to European destinations such as London, UK with no issues.

I want to know why Large Airports like New York-JFK and Los Angeles-LAX, or small airports like Palm Springs-PSP or San Diego-SAN attract you to fly there by inputting your reason below in the poll

Why do big Airports attract you to fly there?

  • Runway Length and No Restriction on Airplane type
  • Learn how to ATC (Training Server)
  • Amount of Destinations I can fly to
  • It’s popular
  • Bigger is better
  • Long Taxis | Easy to Navigate
  • Amount of Gates | Terminals in the Airport
  • IFATC is present there
  • It’s my hometown airport In Real Life

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Why do Small Airports attract you?

Why do Small airports attract you? I thought I’d add this to see if they attract people as well

  • It’s Convenient
  • I can fly VIP routes instead of the usual routes
  • I know the airport by heart
  • Not too big, just right
  • For Pattern work
  • Learn how to ATC (Training Server)
  • Easy to Navigate
  • I know the airport by memory
  • Small Terminal | Not too many gates
  • IFATC is Present there
  • Runway Length and Aircraft is restricted (Can’t land an A380 there)
  • It’s popular
  • It’s my hometown airport In Real Life

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You can also add your reason below so that I can better understand why these big or small airports attract you to fly there.

I made this to see where the community tends to go when it comes to flying. Can’t wait to hear your reasons for why airports in different sizes attract you to fly there :)!


“Small” airports that I like including Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Allentown-Lehigh Valley Int’l, and Norfolk Int’l are all airports that I’ve been to or near, and are just the right size to accommodate A320’s etc. I guess I just like the ‘small town feel’ of these airports.


I tend to fly in/out of major cities (i.e., Boston, Atlanta, etc.) because I’m extremely fond of certain major airports. I love BOS, ATL, and CLT. I know those airports like the back of my hand.

But I also love small airports (i.e., Augusta, GA, Manchester, NH, etc.) because those are hometown airports.

Sometimes small airports are nice because they are quiet and easy to navigate. Large airports are for long hauls, etc. just my two pennies worth.

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I think a lot of the large airports are popular in IF because these are airports that we’re familia with in real life. These are the airports that we might fly out of or are connecting through like Atlanta.

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I like flying into smaller airports because some have challenging approaches. One of my favorite airports to fly into is MGGT. I go there every year in real life and the approach is kind of challenging and there are lots of mountains near the airport. I’ve been flying there lots of times, and now I know the perfect approach into it and it’s really fun.

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Large airports are nice because you have a better chance of seeing other traffic there, especially if it is an airline (or VA) hub. It’s nice to fly near others.

However, I also really like small airports. For me, it’s all about a good balance!


Most people are attracted to the larger airports due to the traffic as well as the real life feel of flying as a commercial pilot.

Recently, I’ve had to deal with a lot of nonsense in those larger airspaces and prefer to fly to/from smaller airports if possible. I do however enjoy the presence of other pilots and ATC. For me, it’s a balance, really.

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I often fly to KDCA because it has one of the most amazing and challenging approaches ever: the River Visual approach to rwy 19.

Taxi times are very short due to the airport’s size and unpopularity. The airport’s layout also means that there are lots of gates. This airport also provides stunning views of Washington D.C. on departure (if you took off on rwy 1). The taxiway layout is simple to understand, and approaching an airport with a small runway is fun. KDCA is my home airport. Sadly, because of the short runway this airport can’t accommodate aircraft larger than an A321, and that means limited destinations (The A321 can still fly to London).

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I like small airports, they’re just fun to fly into.

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This is true. Small airports are really fun to fly into, because it’s not too big :)


I use a lot of small airports up and down the Northeast because I know them all. They also allow me to get closer to the scenery.

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Am I kidding myself by putting “it’s my home airport” for the top one? 😂

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