Why do I only do short flights?

Hey Guys
I have only been flying short flights of maximum 2 hours but I’ve never properly told you why I do so.

Basically, i fly on a phone and its it’s not a shiny new iphone 12 so due to overheating purposes i donot want to cause any damages

Also I don’t quite fund the right time to do long flights and therefore prefer quick short flights

However yesterday i did do one long haul from Honolulu to Los Angeles which was about 4 h 30 mins and i will be posting that soon

Thank you

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I think the longest I ever flew on my phone before I got my iPad was like nearly 15 hrs.

Oh ok i didn’t find that much of overheating so I’m thinking of doing a transatlantic

What are you playing on?

It’s an Android about 3 years old

Is it a higher end model, middle tier or one of those under $100 phones?

It’s about 200$

Okay so middle tier, you should be fine doing long hauls as you sleep as long as you have all your graphics on medium and have every power/ram saving feature enabled.

I definitely cant do a flight while i sleep bcoz I’m just 13 …so definitely have to find suitable times during the day

I see… sorry to hear

It’s nothing bad ig

I like to fly short flights at workday, but I always fly long flight such as WSSS(Singapore Chang’i Airport)-KJFK(John F Kennedy)It‘s about 22 hrs during the Saturday and Sunday. And my iPad battery was broken. :(

Oh yeah i surely don’t want that

Thanks for letting us know!