Why do I need a subscription when I already paid?

I got infinite flight and I got it because I saw the post on Google play saying you can fly anyware and you can fly online and I thought that was pretty cool that you can fly anyware untill I got infinite flight and it’s asking me to pay for a “infinite flight pro” subscription to fly anyware and to play online. Why do I need to pay monthly to fly online when the app is aredy expensive and that was the whole reason I got it. Why can’t the app just be more expensive at the start and get rid of the subscription because I think that it is just nonsense that you need a subscription to play when you aredy paid?? Someone please help

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Unfortunately satellite imagery covering the entire world, multiplayer services along with a load of other things related to tnis, are very costly. Even though it might beneficial from certain standpoints with having a significantly higher app price and no subscription, it is simply not a viable business model for us given how our services are operated.


In addition to what Seb said above, the description of the app in your store is very clear which features are available when initially purchasing the app alone and those which are only accessible with a Pro subscription. With your standalone app purchase you get a variety of aircraft and large regions to fly across. Most of the other competing flight simulators on the market offer less content for the same price (and each addition aircraft purchase is another $5, whereas in Infinite Flight you receive all aircraft for $10). I hope you explore the world you have with the standalone app and understand that for the price you paid for the app, it has great value for money.

I was a little shocked by that to when I first bought the game it really does suck. I wish they gave us a warning in the video saying “Not all aircraft available without a pro subscription” or “subscription required to fly globally” I totally agree that it was shocking

This is clearly stated on the App Store:


We are bound by the store policies about this. And that is something they would never allow… and to be completely honest, I don’t think anyone would do that even if they did. It’s like if a car salesman would advertise the high service costs for a specific car model. Not happening.

And as Maxim showed, it’s in the app description…


I’m gonna be honest here, that’s how a lot of companies that deal in entertainment make their money. It’s how Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service works. You pay, and then you’re on a renewing subscription. For how high detail Infinite Flight makes their planes, naturally they’re gonna need more than $5 to keep that quality coming.

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Who said you had to pay monthly? You can always pay yearly! 🤷‍♂️

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Ok I understand, it seemed like nonsense a while ago but now I understand how it all works… I’m looking forward to a pro subscription now :)


It‘s worth the 10 bucks, I promise :)

Hello!, is very expensive to support live servers, they are remaking the Boeing 777 and supporting the community, also they have to receive money for they work

$10 is not expensive, new things are coming like the 777 and clouds! so is not expensive if you are gonna play or you can apply for a VA