Why do I loose speed on an A380

I checked my weight and everything when doing a long haul. But somehow manage to not maintain my cruise level.

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What altitude were you at, and what route were you flying? Also, how far into the flight were you?

I was trying to get to FL39, but at most I got to FL36.
I took off, probably 10-20 mins into the flight. Started stalling.

39,000 is pretty high for an A380, especially only 20 minutes into the flight. Depending on how heavy you are, you probably should be between 33,000 and 37,000 when you climb, and you can gradually make your way up to 39,000 or higher.

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The A380 is also an old aircraft with an outdated profile so it’s engines are very underpowered, I recommend cruising at a lower altitude as said above.

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Have a look at this topic I made quite a while back. I was experiencing the same problem you are experiencing right now.

Try step-climbing. Also remember that you will burn fuel and loose that weight later on in the flight.

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Yeah I have had the same problem EK241 Dubai to Toronto. You have have to step climb after FL300.

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