Why do I keep stalling at 41,000 feet above Iran

The winds are so intense.

Does it only happen above Iran

Yes and tehran

41000 seems pretty high. I fly through the Iran region often and I never go that high.


I go that high cause it’s my flight plan to klax

What is your weight?

So an ultra long haul from the middle east to LAX, I presume?

Yeah, no flight would ever cruise that high in the first few hours. The max is most likely FL350 or so.


Weight, velocity and VS please :)

if you are going to lax then you are definitely too heavy to be at FL410 that early in the flight.

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78% 550,000 on an A350-9

Well if your going to lax and your only in Iran than you must be very heavy. I recommend descending do about FL310 or FL320 depending on direction

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That’s wayyyyyy to high for the kind of weight. I would descend to FL330

I’m on 36,000 thousand feet right now

Over tehran

You know what guys I’ll just stay in fl360 for now but thanks for the help tho.

The wind is ok at that hight

Also, don’t cruise at FL360 when going north. Cruise at an odd number altitude.

Like what fl

Example: FL350, FL330

Ok thanks for the tip