Why do I keep floating when landing in the E175?

Speed is 135-140kts. Retard thrusts at 20. Full Flaps.

It’s not like it’s a short float either. I retard the thrusts at 20 and then float for 2 to 4 seconds.


With the E175 it doesnt require much of a flare to have a smooth landing. You might be flaring too much. So try and lift the nose just a tiny bit and see what happens. 🙂


Also try this:


Wouldn’t lifting the nose only cause an even longer float?

So basically put all of the cargo weight in the front and none in the back?

@JBR409 I usually retard the thrust levers at 50-40ft and gently flare. Too much and you’ll float right past the touchdown zone, regardless of your cargo loading. It all comes down to energy management and technique, a gentle flare will yield better results.


Alright, I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for the help!

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The E175 is one aircraft where in solo, short final mode, you actually don’t have to touch anything for the setup (make sure wind is zero perhaps) to practice repetitive landings.

So you can focus on only one thing: careful pitch control.

Airspeed’s ok without throttle and you can leave trim at zero.

Just keep hitting short final button to practice over and over:

first: point FPV at your landing zone
second: gently move FPV to nearly the horizon as your wheels touch.

With this practice alone you can get the feel for landing where you want, with no bounce.

This^^^ The E175’s flare is more just riding ground effect than anything so once you cut power at 20 don’t pitch up, once you hear 10 then you can gently pitch up until your FPV is 3/4 covered by the horizon (so the top half of the circle is sky and the bottom 3/4 is land), you should be able to get consistent 100-150 FPMs without floating doing it like this.

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Are you using APPR?

It should also be noted that you don’t have to always use full flaps; notch 5 is typically used. As others above me said, don’t flare too much. And of course, practice makes perfect 😉

I think so, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to fly this plane yet so I’m not sure of the effects of this tip…

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