Why do I have to purchase IF again?

Umm…why do I have to purchase it again?

Are you logged in with the same account on Google Play that you bought the game with?

Yes, I am logged in with the same account.

What does that tab that you are in say in the first photo in English?

It says purchase history.

Hmmm. That’s what I thought. Super weird… Try clicking buy, but make sure one-click purchase is not enabled, and you don’t go through with the purchase.

Restart your device and try again.

I’ve tried that many times but sure. @EyesSkyward

Oh. Disregard then. Maybe try a restart such as @EyesSkyward said.

And it still wants to charge me…

Ok, then hold down on the Play Store icon > App info > Storage > Clear cache and user data. Restart, then try again. If nothing’s changed, try logging out then back into Play Store.


What’s the status on this problem?

Sorry I am currently about to take an exam, so I can’t tell you the status


Currently also having this issue

IF shows up under library as purchased but requests for payment when installing

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If any of you are having issues with the app requesting a purchase again, this shouldn’t be an issue with Infinite Flight itself.

I recommended you send a support ticket through Google play itself and wait for them to get back to you.

I’m sure our resident Ginger Santa will be on the scene soon enough if you continue to have problems…

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For those of you having this issue, try the steps below:

If it doesn’t work, you are most likely not using the same Google account as you were when initially purchasing the app.

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