Why do I have to be TL2 to make events?

If you want screenshots then join in here.


It’s the rule. Pure and simple.

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I don’t have london

They’re not unneeded lel.


The world doesn’t spin around you. A user found you an event, and you didn’t even say a simple “thank you”. By the way you’re acting you may create an event (but only by the time you reach TL2) but no one is going to show up because you show so much ignorance. You’ve been given an answer, suck it up cause you’re not getting anywhere by moaning. You may get somewhere moaning with your parents but you are certainly not getting anywhere by moaning in here.


But thanks for the help

Lol you replied to yourself…


Post there. Our next flight I will tag all that are requesting to fly with us.

Unless some ridiculous number request… then only the first few that have been interested

Didn’t you just make a post saying you couldn’t land your plane? That should come before creating an event. The trust levels are a good thing.



I know. I didn’t even know trust levels were a thing until I was a regular

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We are doing our very best to make IF as community oriented as we can by providing ways for people to positively contribute to Live (with Events and ATC). We do have to have a minimum of moderation otherwise new members who haven’t learn the basics can degrade the experience of others.

Honestly it is pretty easy to reach TL2 (don’t “farm” your trust level though) if you come here on a regular basis and contribute positively.


Actually I doubt that, with the amount of spam posts you’ve been posting.

Overall, you have to be TL2, because by that time you reach that, you know exactly how to create a professional event. You’ll get there soon.

Edit: Phillipe said it better than me, but I pretty much meant the same. I just said it too slow… :)


How long does it usually take to turn TL2?

I reached TL2 within a week or so lol. You speaketh truth, it takes but a dedicated individual and that status is fast approached.

I have been on this place ever since the day I signed up for this site

People usually get to TL2 in a month or two to be correct

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@Stmaarten1778, you have been on this forum for 9 days. Just listen to the advice that the long-timers are giving you and enjoy the forum. The trust levels are in place and they work. This is one of the best forums I’ve ever seen. I have found it to be populated by an overall incredible bunch of people that keep it clean and on topic… FLYING in IF. For the most part there is very little whining. Just fly your planes, learn to land, be a contributing member of the IF Community and stop whining.


Very well said @david.harper. I wish there was a Super Like button :)

We really rely on our community to make this forum a great place to share and enjoy a common passion. Please respect our (very simple) guidelines, contribute in a positive manner, help others and you will quickly see your trust level go up.


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