Why do I have low fuel

Hello everyone I am flying a long flight 14 hours I put 16 hours for fuel but now I have 6 hours (it has been 7 hours) I am in the B77W at FL370 what should I do route OMDB-KORD

FL370 for a heavy 77W is a bit high. If you’re heavier, you should’ve stayed lower and gradually climbed up. Also, going westbound gives you relatively strong headwinds, but they should die down eventually. I reckon you’ll make it fine; the winds just may be a bit rough right now.


Alright because I really hope I make it to KORD 😂

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You should be fine. Feel free to look at Andrew Wu’s fuel burn and cruise altitude post for future reference!


also keep in mind, that the longer you fly, the more fuel you burn, so you get lighter during ur flight, this also affects the fuelburn.


With everything that has been said, I am pretty sure you will be fine for the rest of your flight.

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Alright thanks everyone a mod can close this topic

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Happy holidays! (:

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Happy holidays

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