Why do flight sims seem to skip game consoles?

I’m just curious as to why flight sims like this seem to be on PC and mobile phone and tablet, but never on xbox one or ps4? Especially with them being more powerful and having keyboard and mouse support. This has bugged me for a long time now, I’m sure there is a logical explanation, hopefully someone can tell me why.

It hard to control on console because of the controller.

I just don’t see the console market to be that big.

You have the limited controls. You mention a keyboard and mouse but if you are going to go that far you might as well use a desktop that you can run additional applications on to help and configure your sim setup. Sure you can buy a yoke but that is an additional expense on top of the console. I just don’t see it being that sustain able of a business model.

Add into it that while consoles are powerful to get the level of graphics that some have come to expect from a sim needs to be with a desktop based sim. One where you can buy a top of the line video card.


Because while you would have the analog sticks for thrust and turning you would need one for engine start, lights, flaps, rudder etc. Like would flaps be hit square once 1 time for 5 percent and 5 times for full flaps. What would be flaps up then hit square multiple times? I just see it as a headache.


I’ve wondered this before actually and I always come to the same conclusion that the flight simulator market have always been geared towards PC users because of the upgrades available to the consumer and options to expand while console specs are pretty much forced.

Also generally speaking people willing to take the time and money to spend on a flight simulator and its accessories usually have the money and time to Build/Buy a very nice gaming computer if you’re looking for the premium experience.

That’s why I’ve always found FDS interesting they opened a very PC focused market and focused their goals into the mobile market, while the other competitor on the Google play store have generally focused their resources on PC users.

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Ace combat 7, it’s on ps4 🙄

That is definatly not a sim, it’s a game

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