Why do discount airlines opt for the A320

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Today, I was wondering why discount airlines like Fronteir, spirit, easyjet, and Air Asia opt for the electronic hassle of the A320 series of aircraft instead of a embraer or Boeing where it is directly connected.

This is not a Boeing vs Airbus thread please

I’m simply asking a question on this. Please only respond if you are contributing to the conversation. Thank you.

Well, don’t forget about the 737-800. Both that and true A320 are the most popular LCC/ULCC aircraft. The short answer for that is widespread availability, which means cheaper operating costs, part costs, and also, lots of used and leasing options. The reason why some airlines have so many of one aircraft or family of aircraft can be found in the answer above as well.
Of course, there are lots of other factors, but the above is the most common problem one.


They usually buy them in bulk as well to get a discount.

The A320 family is a good fit for low-cost carriers as they have a solid range that can cover most regional markets and have the right amount of seating they prefer.

Then, for fleet simplicity purposes, you see these airlines (Frontier, Spirit, AirAsia) operate the same type of aircraft so pilots have more fleet coverage.

On the other hand, other LCCs, such as Southwest and Ryanair, have went with Boeing’s 737 as the core of their fleet. Again, they’re purely Boeing for fleet simplicity and not having the need to certify pilots on different manufacturer aircraft.

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Ok, so it’s based on how low they can get then fore abd the market they wants to serve. Thanks, this can be closed

And to add on to what he said… the A319/A320/A321 aircraft share the same type rating, so it’s more affordable for the airline to operate a fleet that shares the same type rating. So therefore the pilots only need to be typed in one aircraft series. Hence why Spirit operate the Airbus A320 series, and Southwest operates the Boeing 737 series.

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Even though its closed I figured it was worth noting this info. Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) often thrive on the single fleet type.

Southwest, Ryanair, Spirit, Frontier, EasyJet, etc. they all have 2 things in common.

  • Low(er) prices than what you’d find on the market from legacy carriers
  • Single fleet type

The single fleet type is beneficial due to the fact that some folks already mentioned. The type rating. A single type rating that covers multiple sub-models of an aircraft allows the airline to utilize their pilots across multiple types of aircraft. There is a separate type of training that’s not very extensive. Generally a few days of additional training; called “Differences Training”. This training is what it sounds like, learn about the differences between the various models of aircraft of similar setup. (737-700, -800 / A320, A321)

It’s all about saving money. Look at the success of Southwest. Largest operator of 737’s yet still able to keep prices below that of legacy carriers. Saves the company from having to train pilots on multiple types of aircraft which in turn affects the customers by not having to pay as much for a seat.