Why do commercial flight users do this? (Training Server)

Why is this permissible on the Training Server? (I was the TMB 930).

Practicing takeoffs and landings; KEMT

KEMT 6/14/2019

Sky Dubai seems a littleimage too big for this airport

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Hey mate, that’s why is it called “Training Server” For Training ;)
I know that it’s a bit disgusting, that’s why I try to fly in Expert Server, for the most realistic experienced!
In training Server, it’s allowed everything, and permitted, so please read about “Training Server” to avoid this topics, even so it’s baffling. ;) -Every user has gone through the stage (Noob)- 😂


Not everyone uses realistic airplanes/airlines when flying on their flights. Sometimes I use American Airlines on my flight from EDDL-EDDF just for @Moritz. 😏😘

Ehm…what 👀🤯


I do flights just for fun, whether it’s because I like that plane or that airline for example I did I flight from KSFO-KLAX in a Air France 380. So my guess is that many people just really like the plane or airline and just want to have fun in the game/sim.

As for the airport, it might be their home airport.

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