Why do airlines use the Crj's and Embraers?

Why do airlines use Crj’s and Embraers when Embraers hold the same amount of passengers, can fly farther, need less runway, and consume less fuel per mile?

Why choose the A320 over the 737? Why choose the 787 over the A350?

It’s the airline’s choice.


True, But there is a clear difference in the crj’s and erj’s, the crj’s wingspan is 30 feet less than the length of the plane and the Erj’s wings are like 10 feet longer than the aircraft length.

Usualy airliners choose aircraft that are more efficient and fit in. Like there are lots of stuff to why airline choose a specific one


Smaller aircraft are cheaper and more flexible.

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You are right though, the crj is a couple million dollars less than the Erj’s but buying the Erj’s will save them money in the future. Also the passenger experience is better on the Erj because their overhead bins are bigger and they are way way quieter.

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The E-Jet is simply a newer model than the CRJ, so obviously it will be better. The CRJ entered production in 1991, while the E-Jet was introduced over a decade later.


very good point.

Also for purposes of getting the best deal upon aircraft purchase. Airlines need to get massive discounts when buying aircraft and by having the CRJ and ERJs, they push the manufacturers against each other.

These are like really different planes. See LH CityLine as an example. CRJ900s for the thinnest routes, Embraers for the higher demand, and mainline for the high demand. That’s a very reasonable choice in my honest opinion.

Well I do love watching videos of the crj’s landing I love that engine spool sound ( I know only avgeeks care about the engine spool sound)

Due to contract issues, major carriers like United, Delta, and American are allow to offer significantly less benefits and pay to regional pilots. It’s more profitable for the airline.

The E175 and CRJ900 Fall in the scope clause.

In the US, the use of both aircraft types concurrently is most likely due to the subcontracted airlines e.g Skywest and Envoy, operating the CRJ700 and E175 respectively.

It also has to do with the reason that AA retired the E190s(that’s another topic).

@JulianB remember that the E190s can fly into London-City while the CRJ900s are unable to.


Very true and good points @Kiz! Thanks!

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Each has their benefits. The Ejet can serve as more of a mainstream airliner due to slightly better range and passenger comfort while the CRJ can fly to airports with less ground service due to its low stance as well as its built in air stairs.

extremely good point.

I would think they also take into consideration the destinations of the planes they intended to purchase, like making sure the plane can land safely, fit the taxi ways, terminals etc.

True the crj can use smaller ramps but needs a larger runway.

If you know why these jets, then I can tell you: I think it’s always the choice of airlines. It also depends on which routes, how much capacity and how many flights there are. There are routes that are flown several times a day. If you see the demand is spread over the whole day, small planes are used to save costs. You are also economical and can fly to smaller airports. Of course there are also routes in which a larger aircraft is needed.

I hope you realized that. But if you ask why Embrear and not called Crj or Mitsubishi Crj. Then I can tell you it’s like Airbus and Boeing. This is done to get a good price. This will create a competition that will automatically lower prices.

Thanks for the feedback. Btw what do you want the next topic to be about?