Why directed to a red runway?

I don’t want to disagree with you @StikLover2 , but I am a bit concerned with what you posted here. Aircraft can’t safely take-off or land with tailwind components of 20-40 kts. Where are you getting that from?

EDIT: just to add are you thinking of crosswind limits? Typically crosswind component limits are around 30-40 kts, 737-800 is 36kts.

With that amount of tailwind you are basically throwing away a huge amount of the runway as your starting airspeed is then -20 to -40 kts so you have to use several hunderd meters just to get the IAS to 0kts.

Typical take-off and landing limits for a 737-800 are 10kts tailwind and possibly up to 15kts in certain circumstances.

What was the METAR at the time at EGLL? Shouldn’t you look at that and not simply mirroring what EGLL are doing in real life?

I am sorry for drifting of the runway. I quit immediately. The wind was too much for my P-38


Yeah, that is kind of what I meant. I should’ve been more specific in the answer, so my apologizes. A cross-wind component can be dealt with at a higher level than a tailwind… I’ll go edit the post slightly now. ^_^

I have no idea how I got the two mixed up… Eh. It happens.

As for EGLL, the wind was blowing at such a direction that even the 27s were flashing yellow. I’m one to mimic what airports do in terms of traffic in real life, due to various reasons. If they want and CAN continue to use the 9s safely, then I have no qualms about that.


Believe it or not, I actually did write an ATIS for Heathrow last night. Every time that I’s sure that I’m going to settle down for a long sessions, I check up the weather stats and traffic direction the airport is using. I then proceed to type it all out and send it to myself via email. Once I get onto the frequencies, I just copy/paste the ATIS in. ^_^

Sadly, very few people bother to read it. I even have the obscure stuff in there, such as temperature, dewpoint, and cloud levels. I think it’s due to the fact that very few controllers try to write an ATIS, even when they settle down in a session for hours. We need to inform people to check back for the ATIS, as I only won’t do it if it happens to be a 10-minute session or something.

I wish you the best! Thanks for the words. ;)


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@StikLover2. Your a good man Stik when you put your big guy pants on. You came across as a pro in your most recent posts. Just remember there are snakes on this plane, take nothing personal… Warm Regards, Max Sends

Huh. I’ve never seen that and I live in actual Los Angeles.