Why didn't you tell me

Why wouldnt you tell me you moved my post to another topic. The post i made was real fuel to get to real destination and i no way has a connection to limited fuel.

I made it twice just because i didnt know where it went and you do it again

Don’t lash out at the mods like that. People with the “regular” trust rank can move posts too, they probably didn’t know that you notify them. Also, I edited the title of this thread and moved it to meta where it probably belongs.

It just pisses me off they dont have the decency to pm and say i moved your topic AGAIN

They should probably provide users I info once they get the regular rank about their abilities. I think a post in the thread saying that the post was moved is sufficient.

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Whats even worse is that it dosent even fit under limited fuel.

Not sure I understand your argument. I don’t send out 10+ PM’s a day telling everyone I moved their posts. Your topic was basically saying the same thing as the topic I moved yours to.

I think most could agree that your topic (along with your mentions of weight in your post) are directly related to limited fuel. If anything it’s the same feature request.

We do our best as moderators to keep the forum clean from duplicate and similar topics, and honestly you just need to calm down. Watch your language and choice of words, this forum is not limited to adults only.


And just so you know Blackbird, even though you edit your topics and posts, we can still click the little pencil in the top right corner and see what it was before the edit. That sort of behavior is not something we want on these forums, and I would advise you to lay off that attitude - permanently.


I always announce when I change something.

Perhaps that should be a rulr @Swang007 @philippe?

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IM NOT REQUESTING LIMITED FUEL. Im requesting more realistic takeoff weight. No one with the right mind should witch that

You can alter your TOW in the menu?

It would be more realsitic takeoff weights like in realife. Lets say an Emirates A380 takes off at LAX Heaidng to Dubai. So you would enter DXB into a slot and it would gibe you a realistic amount of fuel to fly to DXB with in an A380 or anyother aircraft. My point is it would make takeoff weights more realistic. I just got this from my other topic i made but it has no relation to limited fuel

You can do that yourself. Just calculate how much fuel you’re gonna burn, plot that into simbrief etc. and voila.

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No a more convinient way. Im not requesting fuel burning or anything like that. My whole point here is for real takeoff weights. Like i said if i was at lax in an emirates a380 with the imaginary destination in mind and that would be DXB so ot would give me the amount of fuel an A380 would take to get to DXB but right after takeoff i lower the fuel to the landing weight.

No SCREAMING CAPS please; it always comes off as aggressive and will never advance the discussion. We understand that some situations can be frustrating (believe me, that happens everyday for us); my best advice is to go for a walk, relax, and see if you still want to get into an online argument after that.

Let’s keep this community as helpful as possible.