Why didn't I receive my grade 3?

Here r the stats. 49 flight hrs. Landings 190. Xp 40,364.ghostings 0. 1 and 3 days respectively. Max violations1 and 3 days respectively 3 and 3 . Landings 90 days 170. Why didn’t I get my grade 3? Thx

Post a screen shot your post is a bit hard to follow.

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Try restarting so it updates


Here’s the image you posted above. It isn’t showing up (at least for me).

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there ya go

Sorry bout the dupes…

You have too many violations. I don’t know why it isn’t showing up in color, but you have to many in 24 hours.


Yeah, I think 3 violations in 1 day is what it says (not very clear) that’ll be it

That’s what I was thinking too, so, if I don’t have any violations 4 a few days, think that’ll clear it up?

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It will resolve itself as long as you get no violations for the next few days

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Yup, hope so. Thx.

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