Why didn't ATC ghost him? Is formation flying allowed on Expert?

Was flying into KPHL this evening and another plane was flying close formation with me. It was irritating and dangerous. ATC warned him several times. Yet he wasn’t ghosted. Why? I’ve seen other people ghosted for less. 😡

People flying too close is one of my pet hates! We have the whole world to play with, go find your own bit if airspace!

Did you note who the IFATC was? Perhaps you could drop him a PM and find out?

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The best thing is to discuss it with the controller in charge via dm.


The approach controller currently is Sean Mitch

When did you experience this encounter as I can help you out with who it was?

Was landing at approx 0800 and on final at 27r. ATC instructed him to fly elsewhere but he responded “unable”. He was just trolling around. ATC even said follow instructions or you’ll be ghosted. The pilot ignored him and continued to troll. This is unacceptable.


Were you on Tower or Approach Frequency

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At that time I was on Approach. Approach asked him to climb and head northeast but he responded unable. Seems like approach just passed the buck to tower.

Approach: @Sean_Mitchell

You may PM him and he can help you out on what happened

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Formation flying is allowed if its planed or allowed between two or more pilots for example GAF does formation flying all the time

In your case i would contact ifatc and report the pilot

Yes that is true but ATC gave him a ghosting warning to follow instructions which the pilot ignored and the OP is wondering why he wasn’t ghosted.

We can start guessing and arguing, but the real solution is to discuss it via dm. No one can help you here


Thank you all for your input. A mod can close this now. Thank you.

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