Why didn’t ATC answer?

Hello everyone, I have a question about ATC approach. Recently I was flying from KMEM to KATL. When I reached KATL airspace, Atlanta approach asked “ Fedex 192, you’re in an active airspace, contact ATL approach at (frequency)”. So I send “FEDEX 192, with you”. Then I realize, after 30 min that I have been ghosted. What do I do when ever I’m in that situation again?

Well to not have it again make sure you have a very strong WiFi connection. That might be why you weren’t hearing ATC.

Also to add to what Joseph has said, take a look at your log book and you will be able to see the name of the controller that ghosted you and also the reason why, if they provided one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the controller.

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Well I would recommend finding out who it was and then contacting them. Make sure to add a moderator then from their explain what happened in detail and make sure to listen what they have to say. As an IFATC respect is the best way to go at it


I appreciate your comment, but I could hear ATC, it was just towards other aircraft. Nothing directed towards me though

Saying “with you” will sometimes break the script that ATC runs on. They won’t be able to hear/see your messages, but you can theirs. He probably ghosted you as a precaution, you should contact him/her. I don’t suggest saying“with you” anymore until it’s fixed.

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Look at your flight log and it will say reason for ghost and who ghosted you. DM the controller here in the forum for a resolution (if applicable).

Approach needs time with the other aircrafts i gess

Here, you can use this guide on checking in.

What is the proper way to "Check In"??

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