Why did you start playing IF?

Hello guys, today I’m asking to you: why did you choose to play IF? Is it because you wanted to become a pilot or only for fun? Please tell me answering athis post

My question: why isn’t IF a global phenomenon yet?


always loved flight sims. I started with playing games like Ace Combat(PS2) and Pilotwings64 (N64). So with some of the games I saw coming out for phones…i thought “there has to be a flight sim too”… that was a year ago now…and I am still on here…

Now I am saving up to get that new P3D flight sim.


This topic is very similar to the topic that I have included:


I don’t play. I learn.

No, I don’t want to become a pilot, I already am a pilot in training.


I liked flying and still do.

It was PilotWings for me too, but on Super Nintendo. I’ve always been into flight sims since childhood, but didn’t pass the vision test to be able to fly in the military, so sims is as far as I got. I worked at NASA in Cape Canaveral right under the STS’s, and found this simulator, which was then a shuttle landing simulator. Been hooked ever since.


Oh no these topics are starting again.


I’ve always been an Avgeek,and when i bought my first apple device back in summer of 2012, that was the first thing i downloaded,i liked the look of the planes and that is what sold me on it.

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