Why did you join IFC?

I got ghost and want to contact a mod and the atc but I needed an account. That’s why I created one 🙃

Well it all started when I first got IF. I had a lot of questions that I looked up and every time this thing called the IFC popped up with an answer. I finally made the decision to apply and found out that this wasn’t just for answers to questions, it was gone to a friendly and awesome community of fellow aviation enthusiasts!

Same reason here 😅. I joined the IFC to sign up for this event, one of @Matthew_20204’s flyouts. I was hooked, and I stayed ever since.

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It’s few and far between meta topics that i really enjoy diving in to read. It’s cool seeing what brought people to the IFC in so many different paths.

My story is short and sweet. I purchased the app without live (in 2017) and wasn’t sure why i couldnt get ATC to work, even unicom (i was flying on solo). So i was going through the tutorials that i found on youtube and realized that i needed a subscription for live - through the tutorial links, i found the IFC. Despite the wife regretting the decision of letting me get the sub (yes, we discuss purchases), i never looked back! Nearly 4 years later and im an addict.


Let’s go back to 2017…

I joined because I wanted to join an event. My first post was a sloppily written join request for a landing competition I forgot about. Never showed interest so I didn’t really come back.

We fast forward to 2018. Still not much interest in the community then but came to make a support topic for the problem that the 772 was crashing in the ocean constantly when unmonitored.

Now we fast forward to August of 2019. A little bit before that my interest in aviation was at an all-time low. Since I had flown for the first time in 2 years, I had decided to get back to Infinite Flight and I had remembered some kind of forum. Once I rediscovered it and logged in for the first time in nearly a year, it was all downhill until now.

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May 2020: I’m bored. I look for aviation memes. Somehow, I stumbled into a meme thread on the IFC. After I finished reading the entire thread, I see this:

I joined to guess, but now I draw.

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well who else would teach you youngins to grease your landings every time ;)

I joined because I wanted to join an event. Literally the only reason.

i joined after seeing the posts on the start page of IF! thought that i would check it out… worth the 4 years! am i on IFC for 4 years yet?

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Probably to ask some stupid question that got answered in 10 seconds

there are no stupid questions

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It’s hard to teach something you know nothing about

xcuse me mr. -900 fpm

I had a question about buying a IF pro account I think.

yeah same!

That’s a little generous, I’ve landed 717s at -1300

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good ol’ 717

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Well I had a A333 glitch that I didn’t know how to solve, and got some advice to check the forum if there was one. And now here I am!
PS: The issue was solved by the help of you guys; reinstalling the app was the solution.


what was the glitch?

Oh whenever I spawned in an A333 there would be thick blue lines everywhere on the screen and I wouldn’t be able to see anything