Why did you join IFC?

Hello! Well, not very proud of that but was searching for (heavy coughing) “infinite flight simulator free subscription hack” then found IFC, it wasn’t what I was looking for but it was cool xD
And what about you?

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Hi! This topic seems very similar to this one. Please continue the conversation there. Thanks!


It’s similar, yes, but here it’s for why did you joined and not what’s a funny story about it but tell me if it really needs to be closed. Thanks for answering!

The other topic is not purely funny stories. Many people have posted serious stories as to the way the found the IFC and why they joined
@DiamondGaming4 is correct, you should continue on the other thread 🙂


Thanks! Gonna flag my post!
Thanks @Kirito_77 and @DiamondGaming4 for awnsering!

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