Why did you delete my topic?

So I made a topic yesterday about how my flight plan kept on disapeering. It was in Southern California. Then I checked for answers a few hours later and one of the moderaters deleted that topic. And then the worse part is they wont even tell me why.

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Wow thats suckish just make the same topic agaian

They will probably delete this and if i made another they might delete it

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Try it lol

Well what was the topic. If you can tell the rest of us, then we may be able to tell if it was spam.

Was it a repeat topic? Was it an advertisement? Were you harassing anyone? Was it relevant to IF?

Long live the DC-9!

Read the description up at the top

Then it wills au

Ok I don’t know why they deleted your topic then…


Long live the DC-9!

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I creat the flight plan and then a minute or two later it goes away sometimes it disappers right away

This wasn’t deleted by a moderator, but by an anti-spam mechanism. I’ll have a look at restoring it :)

edit: post restored, enjoy!

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(@Blackbird71) Ya gotta wait for and Read the “Darn” removal msg before you get emetic my friend. I reacted when I got a bust out when I first joined this Forum and was hot to. Bottom line the Post from Phil said Be Patient", sound advises, this Forum Program is slick, you can trust it and the folk who moderate and own it. I follow you here, you do good work and I for one consider you a valuable member of our community. Don’t “F” it up like I did and pay a price Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends

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Im just mad thats all he says like i should at least get an email or a more detailed pm

It appears this was just a mistake caused by the spam filter. Cameron restored the post. Topic closed.