Why did you choose Infinite flight?

Why did you choose Infinite flight over the other flight simulators. Comment down below!

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I was playing this bad flight simulator
The @Swiss came along and has YouTube vids with infinite flight, I saw it, and loved infinite flight, then, I bought it, and here I am!


Convenience, price, quality, an amazing community… The list goes on. Sure other flight simulators have popped into the space over the last year or two, but when I first got into the simulator over 4 years ago, there was really nothing like it. Buildings and scenery are only a small part of a simulator, and none of them have the core physics or systems nailed in the same way that IF does. I’d much rather have a simulator that feels right than looks pretty. Otherwise at that point it’s not a professional simulator, it’s just a game



I first discovered Infinite Flight after searching for flight simulators on the App Store. And this was back in the day of the Windows Phone.

IF was by far the best sim for Windows Phone, so… I stuck with it. Eventually moving over to iPad, I experimented around with a couple of other mobile sims, but IF was by far the best for me for numerous reasons:

  • I was used to it
  • The UI
  • The wide range of aircraft and liveries (which there still was even back in the day).
  • The overall feel
  • And other reasons too.

And then I’ve stuck with IF ever since because of how far this amazing sim has come, the community, the amazing dev team, the price, the quality, etc.


Great to know!

Infinite flight is just a nice community nice app Nice everything everyone that plays it comes from an aviation background. I just designed a perfect friend I don’t know what else to say.😀😀😀😀😀🛫🛬💺


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My godfather who works for JetBlue, recommended to me.


Same here. :)

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Because I cannot afford the more realistic ones

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Because I can’t shell thousands of dollars for PCs that can run MFS2020 and XPlane 11.

Besides, I’m pretty sure Infinite Flight has one of the largest and most interactive communities out there, not to mention everything is developed in house.

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There was the fact that you can easily play with friends :)

I played infinite flight for about 2 years before I really started playing it. I would just fly solo. But when I figured out that you can play with live ATC and play online, I knew I had to get a subscription. I also saw all the different planes you can choose from, which is a lot.
I just wish I started playing before.

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Did research on best mobile sim since xbox has crap options and dont have a pc…But getting a pc for sure now. lol

I chose infinite flight predominantly out of scarcity. In the time I was looking for a flight simulator (2013-2014), there was no dominant flight simulator on the Apple Store and it just seemed that Infinite Flight fit best. I played on and off until 2018, which is the year I got Microsoft FSX and completely quit it then. After having FSX crash on many occasions and my computer diminish in performance, I switched back to Infinite Flight and have been here ever since.

I think that if I can raise the money to buy a new gaming computer my activity on the IFC and Infinite Flight would decrease because I would most definitely play MFS2020, this is not a diss to Infinite Flight at all, you can’t compare the two and for a mobile sim, IF is stunning. Anyways, Infinite Flight has grown alot through the years and I anticipate it will grow more


Because it had more regions and planes with individual liveries than other flight sims.
Xplane was great but it had few regions and few planes and the controls were weird. It seemed weird to land.

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Very interesting

I read the IFC for a YEAR trying to see if I should get this simulator!

In real it looks cool since I discovered it around 2014 and finally got live 5 years later

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