Why did this happen to me

Ok so I was on expert at YPAD there was atc. I was doing pattern work and the atc controller before @A-FitzGerald was letting me so FitzGerald had done a controller switch and he was my new controller so he let me do pattern work once. While coming around to do my second touch and go he said no pattern work allowed. I was like ok I will just land so I contacted him and said Test Flight 214 inbound on the ils 23 he responded with check tutorials on the IFC I was like well ok then. I contacted him again and said the same thing because I was the first one that was coming to land and I was super close to landing like less than a mile away from short final. I said it a third time Test flight 214 inbound on the ils 23 but note he never responded to me any of those times so I sent out a message saying Test flight 214 going around because I wasn’t going to land when he didn’t clear me then he reported me for spamming frequency after I said Test Flight 214 inbound on the ils 23 3 time and he never responded I was less than a mile away from short final and when I said go around I was on short final I don’t understand why I was reported.

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Who was the controller
Check your logbook


It was @A-FitzGerald at the time when he reported me

I was really close to landing he didn’t respond to my messages and then reported me like I don’t know why I deserve the report

Contact him via PM to figure this one out.


Contact @A-FitzGerald

PM me please.


It looks like he’s still controlling
He will be able to contact you once he has finished

Well now I am grade 2

That’s what happens when you get ghosted/REPORTED

I wasn’t ghosted though

I was just reported