Why did this get closed?

My friend, but this is different. Whats your point?

The 3D modeling of the A350 is not up to current standards. If you actually read the feature request you’ll see why it’s necessary. I highly encourage you to do so.


Oh boy I know they’re coming for me haha 🚓

There are separate requests for all the features like lights, 3D cockpits etc…

what do you mean current standards its the newest jet

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Being new doesn’t mean it’s automatically up to standards.

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It seems to me, you want to argue with people.

Like I and everybody else said. The Dev’s already know, they don’t need a pointer finger of every minor issue.

I’ll take 2 Jumbo please.

It should…

No I don’t want to argue with anyone. This seemed like a reasonable feature request and I wanted to know why it was closed.

We already gave the reason, but it seems like a denying answer is something you do not want hear.

Minor Issues do not need reworks


I’d like to know what you consider as “up to standard”. You try developing a completely new aircraft over the course of 6 months.

Everyone please read the original request before posting here. That will save a lot of clutter.

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It’s probably best to PM the moderator who closed it.


Once again, I did that a couple weeks ago and haven’t received a response.

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The reason is quite simple;

It’s a brand new model. A rework will not be considered for years and there’s no point at all to have a feature request for it.