Why did this get closed?

A couple weeks ago I created this feature request: Airbus A350 Rework

I contacted the mod who closed and unlisted it and it’s now been a couple weeks but I haven’t heard back. Can anyone else explain why this topic is an issue?

To address the points brought up in the first and only reply:

  1. The pictures were necessary for context. However, I removed a couple for good measure.

  2. The A350 coming out recently isn’t relevant. This feature request isn’t to rework the A350 tomorrow. Like all feature requests, this is something that should be considered long term.

  3. I’m not requesting tire smoke.

  4. I don’t believe these issues are being looked into currently. Once they confirm a rework is on the way I fully understand closing the topic. But not until then.

  5. The winglet topic is separate from the rework because it was created during the A350 development.

My concern is this: If the community can’t express their support for reworking the A350, the rework will never be given the appropriate priority. I.e if the mods don’t allow any topics about fixing the A350, there will never be any urgency to do it. Maybe that’s the strategy though.


As I mentioned, this is for the future. I’m not requesting it be reworked tomorrow. Where’s the rule saying reworks need to be for pre-global aircraft?

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Have a look at what Jason said about the A350 feature request threads:



That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a rework. I am a person and I want it done, therefore I am asking. That’s the whole point of this topic: let’s find out how many people want it.


That’s for the A350-1000, this is about the -900.

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Still! Please be grateful that the developers listened to us and added the A350, would you rather have no A350 at all? I think some people have to learn how to be more appreciative for things that are given to you that other people worked really hard on. 🙂

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If you’re topic was closed, it because moderators had reason. Stop complaining, it’s only small problems which probably might not require a rework.


I’m not really sure if it’s necessary to ask for a rework of an aircraft that was just released. The A350-900 is the highest quality aircraft in the Infinite Flight as of the time of writing. Also, @Ecoops123 explained why it was closed right here: Airbus A350 Rework.

The windshield has already been addressed and is being looked into for the future.

The developers have acgnowledged that the A350 isn’t perfect. You can’t expect perfect. The developers will gradually fix aircraft on their own time. They also spent overy half a year developing a new aircraft for IF, and you already want a rework? The developers have lives too. As @TRDubh stated, you should see the link that they posted. And although the link is about the A350-1000, the developers are still aware that there are things that they can fix. Something can always be fixed.

Be patient, young Jedi. Good things will come with time.


And to add on to this, the best thing to do here would have been to PM a moderator or Jason, they know a lot more about the situation and should be able to give you a better answer.


If you read my topic, it’s clear that I greatly appreciate the A350. In fact I say so explicitly. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some work.


I already did that and haven’t heard back in a couple weeks. This was mentioned above.

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They already know the issues, are you perfect or something?


The only things that need to be fixed are very minor and personally I don’t care for that level of detail. @Ecoops123 even said that the staff have said they are addressing most of the issues you mentioned. Therefore, it does not need a rework, nor a request.

The a350 has already all the features, why rework?

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Yes I am infallible. Jokes aside, how is that relevant?


I think the cockpit is not a minor detail. Go checkout the pictures in the original request and you’ll see what I mean. It keeps me from flying the A359 for the time being.


Guys, calm down. We don’t need to argue about this. The A350 doesn’t need a rework. Even though there are some minor things that can be fixed, those updates can be rolled out over time. A full rework would consist of:

  • Live cockpits
  • Opening cargo doors
  • Wingflex
  • Truck tilt

The A350 clearly already has all of these features.

The answer to your original question: Why did this get closed? Simple. the A350 doesn’t need a rework. 😉


That’s not how feature requests work my friend. The devs are aware of everything people request. They are closed once something is confirmed. Nothing is confirmed in this case.

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This is infinite flight not a training simulators let the devs work on 5 plus year old aircraft before asking them to look at the baby of the airbus family.

Come get it while it lasts y’all