Why did the Concorde fail?

Here’s a video I found on YouTube explaining why it failed. It’s quite interesting because I always thought it was because of the crash but it turns out to be economics as well. Anyways, enjoy!


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Yeah it was not really due to the crash but a whole host of issues

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The reason why was because of its tyres and its fuel consumption along with many more

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Yes but you have to know it wasn’t Condorde’s fault the accident. A piece of an engine of a DC10 fell on the runway and caused what it caused.

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Yes the concord was a commercial failour and made little money for BA or Air France but was very much a flagship for them so was very successful in that matter. However without Concord we would not have the A380!


Yeah but that showed fragile the jet is…

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Who cares that it’s fragile? Warp speed activate! Nice find on the video though.


Any jet is fragile like that. That piece of aluminium has the energy many time that of a bullet, it can easily punch through any fuselage and rupture fuel tanks of any other plane.

It was also very expensive to operate so the ticket prices would go up meaning most people would just go with a regular plane.

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Also to add, Concorde didn’t fail, it was over 30 years old. I don’t think it needs to be considered a failure, it lived a long and healthy life.

But compared to other planes, thats not that long…

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And that’s a good thing? Lel

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30 years for a niche type is very good. The A340 is arguably a bigger failure if you count years in relevance. Concorde was relevant for all of its years, most types go obsolete before that.

Got a source on that?

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…CONCORD was built by the collection of companies that went on to form Airbus…and so is the fore runner of the A380.


And also the Cessna 172 Super.

So? The A380 would’ve been made even without the termination of support for Concorde.

you miss my point.

Because that BAC and Sud Aviation co-operated on the production of Concord, this was what lead to the formation of what became Airbus, so without the work together of the separate UK and French aviation industries we would have not had the A380.

Little money for BA? Didn’t BA get like 30 million per month/year from concorde?