Why did the Approach ATC send me repeated messages


I was operating a flight to EPWA from EBBR and my callsign was LOT236 on Expert server.

While I approaching RW33 at EPWA the approach tower asked me to turn heading to 060 and descend to 10,000 feet.

Now I acknowledged the instructions 30 seconds late and due to that the ATC asked me to follow instructions and quite rightly so. Due to that the option to acknowledge the ATC command goes and despite turning my heading to 060 and set the altitude to 10,000 feet, the approach tower sent me the same message to follow instructions when I actually complied to the approach tower’s instructions.

I ended my flight right there in case the ATC doesn’t report me.

I just couldn’t fathom Approach ATC’s actions at all.

Hi, I’m sorry for your missed landing. Your best option is to contact the controller in charge and ask for clarification here on the forum.


I recommend sending @Varunsehdev a message and discussing this matter in private.


Thank you so much