Why did the 767-400 Exist


This aircraft/ 767-400 is one of those planes nobody in aviation talks about since they only had 3 customers (delta, united and continental) and kinda rare these days so why is that

The 767 is a Medium-Long haul aircraft which is created in 81, then flown in 82 and only thing still building are the Freighters since UPS and FedEx ordered more, about the passenger ones were a success since it had the perfect size and perfect range for an airline want thats either short or long haul and the most built is the -300ER

About the -400 the ER version still has the long haul flight but it was stretched longer to hold more passengers but… It kinda worked but it wasnt that popular since airlines didnt like or wanted some big plane and only 37 were built which is less than the 737-600 which is also a unpopular Boeing aircraft, luckily its meant to replaced older A300/A310, DC-10 and L-1011 which did. It first flied in 2000 is still active as in today With Delta And United but sadly the -400 was pretty pointless if you ask me

There was originally gonna be a 767-400ERX but cancelled since the Boeing 777 was rocking the sky’s and Most 767 orders are going lower

Thats all todays facts about this aircraft Hoped you enjoyed


Great read! I’ve flown United’s 767-400ER from EWR-FCO and absolutely loved it!


I got this big boy headed to ATL! They started flying into Vegas along with the 754 a few weeks ago


excuse me w h a t


Pffft. Clearly you were wrong, this is the story.

We zoom in on some Boeing Flight Engineers sitting in the lunch room, eating lunch.

Boeing Engineer 1: “Alright guys, we gotta find a way to get Boeing more money.”

Boeing Engineer 2: “What if we made the 767… but bigger.”

Boeing Engineer 1: hits blunt “Simmons. Your a goddamn genius.”

A few years would pass. We then zoom in on the same Boeing Engineers. They all had boxes in their hands.

Boeing Engineer 1: “Well, Simmons, its all your fault.”

Boeing Engineer 2: “Well you went ahead with the idea.”

Boeing Engineer 4: “We still got fired anyway, good job you two ding dongs. We got Engineer 3 killed because of your stupidity.”


no wonder why the 777 exists…

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Yeah, is there a capacity difference between the 772 and 764?
Still a cool aircraft but there’s just something about it that makes it not fit in with the other aircraft

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The 777-200ER can hold typically 70 more pax than the 767-400ER.


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Really? Weird
Then the -400 has no purpose 😭 lol

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Yea maybe if it revealed 10 or more years earlier (it was revealed in 1999) then it might have potential but the 777 kinda stopped it :/

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Typical 3 class config:

777-200ER: 313
767-400ER: 243

Just…why Boeing…this variant was one word…


You’d probably win the jackpot on the show “Pointless” with this answer 😂

Idk about you, but I hate the 767 1st class config of 2-1-2.
Idc if you want an extra row down the cabin, it doesn’t look nice lol

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It exist because it is pure awesomeness… the end. 😂

The 767 is the best twin jet wide body of all time in my opinion. I absolutely love the 767. I was saddened to see Hawaiian retire theirs.

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YES! YES! YES! Also… YES!😂

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My favorite 767 was the -200. I flew in the -200 for American and US Air the most. Absolutely loved it. The interior was roomy (as opposed to the 787 which is made to feel roomy while not actually being roomy), seats were thick and comfortable, you had leg and elbow/shoulder room. The bathrooms were big enough to fit a midget, and if someone was complaining about the lack of WiFi, you just told them to suck it up and read a book or go to sleep.

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I flowed Air Canada Rouge 767-400ER
from CYUL - LGAV

Worst 10 hours of my life

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Hawaiian, early 2000’s American and early 2000’s Continental and United, and US Air had the best 767’s.

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man sorry about that

Fun fact: I flew in TWA’s 767 in 2002. I was 3 years old. 😁