Why did my plane spawn with the front gear underground?

I spawned at OMDB (Dubai) creating a flight plan for Cario. Finished my flight plan and i then switched my camera to normal and i saw this…


I tried pushing back and i couldnt momove my rudder either. Does anyone know why this happened?

Restart your device and spawn back in.

You can copy your FPL and save it on your device somewhere like “notes” then paste it back into Infinite Flight once you’ve completed the device restart.

Look here:

Happened to me twice at KEYW iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.5. Tried clearing 2g RAM and device restart. Only solution was delete IF app and reinstall.

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Seems similar to the problem of people falling through the ground just on a smaller scale.

Basically it’s corrupt files so the don’t register as really there in IF, so that’s why you fall through.

As stated above all you have to do is do a complete uninstall and reinstall of IF, which will give you all brand new files!

Yes it’s a little time consuming but right now the only option.