Why did my plane crash?

I don’t overloaded,I have valuable speed…I push the nose in last second to save speed, but I don’t save plane…I don’t understand…

Why aren’t the flaps extended? How heavy is the plane?

  1. Take off speed is 110 on the c-130
  2. I dont really know
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I think it’s better to take-off at higher speed to get more lift.I don’t think it’s flaps needed,I takeoff many times without them.I really don’t know


Judging by the initial and hesitant slow climb, increasing AoA, loss of speed and subsequent stall id say you lacked lift.


And the plane was be 68% loaded.That’s not cause…Maybe some bug?

Was your device calibrated correctly ?

You need more lift. Use your flaps.


It doesn’t matter what “you think” is right. It’s what is required to gain lift and fly the plane. You need flaps at 50% during takeoff. Lift off at around 110 knots. Very easy and fun to fly if you follow correct protocol.


This is what happens if you takeoff without flaps 😂


Official report of C-130 crash

-Main cause is the pilot error.He rise the lives of 56 people on board with unraising flaps.

-The pilot,with 875 flight hours(in IF) has worse the situation with pushing the plane nose.He prevent plane from a normal emergency landing and saving all 56 peoples.

His family must pay 500.000$ to family of every victim.


So his family owes 28.000.000 $ 🤔 That’s a alot of money 😂

Part 2:
-It’s recomneded to cockpit have alarm if flaps don’t raised(in IF)

-Pilots must follow the procedures for takeoff
(Recomneded IF Checklist app)

-Pilots strictly must follow V-speeds:V1,VR and V2

Copilot app would have aided the user.

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Yeah,but I have android

When taking off, you should always use flaps, no matter what. You crashed because you didn’t have enough lift and you were rotating too high at that speed. If you wanted to try and recover from the stall, put the nose down until you’ve gathered an appropriate speed to continue, don’t just put the nose down for two seconds and still try and lift up, that’s what makes you stall even more.

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Here is a great article on the wing dynamics for the C130. Explains the use of flaps, lift and thrust very well. Hope this helps.



"chitter chatter, yeah, V1. chitter chatter uhh, rotate.


I always take off at 150 knots.

What I find funny is the fact that IRL he would have crashed earlier, because he overran the runway :/