Why did my grade suddenly drop?

Hi, I just purchased another pro-subscription for Infinite flight. When I went to spawn into the terminal gate at DFW International I got told my grade was level 2 and I was previously on level 3. Is there a reason why my grade suddenly dropped? I haven’t played the game since March of this year and I’m quite confused. I have attached an image of my grade table. If anyone could help that would be great!

Grades changed slightly with 20.1

You just need more landings - go do some patterns somewhere if it’s a big deal, or just wait for a few more flights and you’ll soon be back at G3 :)

Key is to maintain at least 30 landings every 90 days.


There was recently a grade change with 20.1 to see if it weeds out noobs and trolls on the ES. Also if you haven’t been playing since march, that might already be 90 days so it might also drop due to the landings in 90 days requirement.

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Since you haven’t played the game since March, it’s likely that your landings in 90 days has dropped below the minimum requirement for ES. Since they have also increased the requirement landings for G3 since 20.1


Thanks guys this really helps! :)

Ever since 20.1 the requirements to grade 3 have gotten harder because people were complaining that bad players were on ES so they made it harder to get up to higher grades and also since you haven’t played for a while you probably lost all the landings you need in 90 days.

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I lowkey got kicked out of an event by this. Sad sad sad.


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