Why did my grade change?

Not to long ago i bought a subscription for a month and for an odd reason i went back to grade 1 when i was grade 3.


looks like you haven’t done enough landings or gotten enough flight hours in the last 90 days


maybe… i’ll see if that’s the problem

How much time is:

You’re 2hr39mins fight time in the last 90 days short of grade two 👍

You have 21mins of flight time in the last 90 days, but grade 2 wants 3 hours and 5 landings


like 20 minutes ago? i think

When did you last fly with a pro sub before today?

Oh like late february

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Infinite Flight grades don’t stay the way they are. You need to upkeep your stats in order to maintain or level up. If the last time you flew was February, then your issue is clear.


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