Why did in app purchases get removed

I’m just now wondering why in app purchases for specific planes and regions were removed, I didn’t really see the need for it as they people would still have to pay for the pro sub, so why were they taken out? Just looking for answers.


Dunno why you would need it. The monthly IF Pro sub, for the cost of 2-3 aircraft, you would’ve had everything 🤷🏻‍♂️


I to wish they came back, but they were mostly removed to for back end simplicity was my impression, though I have no official word to back that…


I believe it was because it would be easier to update aircraft if it was for subscription only.

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There were several reasons.
One being to streamline our purchase flow.
Another is the general complexity in maintaining IAP’s throughout multiple platforms in tandem with having them accessible via a subscription. These things often collided with each other causing a number of issues for users.

We started with removing the regions as an IAP with the Global release in 2017, and a few months later it was time for the aircraft.


I take it since the complexity has only grown since there is no reasonable hope of a return? This “feature” shall I say has certainly pushed me into the arms of some of your competitors because as an infrequent user I find it hard to justify a subscription, but there are several aircraft I would really love to try.

There’s no plans for that no.

Sorry to hear, even though i do understand your situation.


Eh, it’s good, I managed to snatch up a lot of stuff before that got cut off, and I still enjoy infinite flight, but I would definitely love to se a return. I’m in favor or 99% of what you guys do, but this is that 1% for sure. Thanks for the response

Why prefer a subscription when you can pay the price of 1-2 aircraft monthly and receive all aircraft plus global multiplayer with ATC? If you think about it, the subscription service that IF uses is superior because of the amount of features it unlocks. Or you could pay $50 for all of that for half a year. Or $80/year. If you think about it, it’s all a good deal for the amount of things already contained in-app as well as the new things to come. If you look at IF’s social media and aren’t excited for what’s to come, then I don’t know what to say. 20.1 is a packed update with tons of super cool new things.

Of course, it’s your choice how you spend your money. But by looking at what IF offers, I say it’s money well spent.


Oh, I don’t disagree, it’s a great value if you use it I had it for the better part of two years plus more periods of on and off, and K don’t regret that money spent for a second, but most of what I do is just quick patterns in default regions, I don’t re-save the time, or interest to to do long hauls and stuff, but I would love to do those quick patterns in an A350 for example. If I was going to use all aircraft+online+global, it’s a great value, but I would use maybe a quarter of that regularly. I would much rather pay for 1-2 aircraft and have them, than try them all out for a month…

If I can add in my question/two cents here, when in-app purchases were removed, why didn’t those planes that had already been purchased in Solo remain with those same accounts? I started using the app in 2013 and paid about 250 USD in total to unlock certain aircraft before Global was introduced; when I ended my subscription on the 9th before starting another one a day later, I toggled over to Solo and was unable to fly the 767 (which I had purchased previously) and the only aircraft left available to fly were the base models (like the C-17, P-38, and 717) provided when you download the game at first. Can I ask what IF’s policy is on that?

I still have previous purchases, try clicking “restore purchases”

That issue doesn’t apply to me as something ne who had bought aircraft pre-global while still having them.

The strange thing was that I had, though. It did go through but nothing changed. I’ve been using the same iTunes account for the past decade or so, so I’m not entirely sure what the problem might be :(

What @Tsumia & @KPIT said.

The purchases are still there and always will be. We have not removed any content that’s previously been purchased and we never will. That would be nasty.

Sometimes this may not work though, due to the stores being… what they are. Reinstall the app might help.


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