Why did IF replace the old sounds / noises with newer ones

Hey there everyone!
I was just thinking about the old nostalgic sounds that we’re used on the sounds on a aircraft in IF back in the early days and why they replaced them with newer ones?


Hmm idk cuz I only downlaod the app 1 year ago.
so some of the changes I kind of didn’t even notice

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As far as I know, reworked aircraft such as the B777 family have been given new sound packs. This was done because realistic noises would be preferred to an engine sound from a completely different aircraft (B737). The remaining fleet of (jets) still have the same sound pack, from the B737 in real life.

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I don’t have ifinite flight pro so I never tried the 777 also noticing the update.

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It’s because, if I’m not mistaken, the old sounds make a 777 sound like a 737. Those are used on all aircraft before, and are not realistic.

Oh so they imroved the sound so pilots don’t get confused by the sound of the planes.

Not exactly. The old generic sounds made everything sound the same. They want more realism.

Ok now I got it.

I would think that they have done this mainly for realism’s sake, and to cater to the feature request for the rework of said aircraft. As seen in many aircraft rework feature requests, you may find for example:

  • Gear Tilt
  • Cabin
  • Live Cockpit

Realistic sounds are also included in these kinds of lists quite often.

If you say about the very old sound, probably because it was plain trash

Here’s a short video (not mine ofc, I started playing IF in 2020) for those of you who don’t know what sound I’m talking about


That sounded like a cessna

Wait no not a cessna

It sounded like a car engine

oh the memories of hearing this at knuc

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sad 757 noises

It sounded like a 737

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