Why did i go back to grade 4?

I recently got upgraded to grade 5 on my account and not even 12 hours has passed, im suddenly back to grade 4. I left the game earlier after a couple of touch and goes, and i remembered that i had 201 (90 days) landings. And i check back right now and its at grade 4 @ 199 landings.

What happened?

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Your landings went down because more than 90 days have passed since you did them.

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You have to land more

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Is there any way to stop the landings from reducing?

How much more till i can get it to stop reducing :/

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You can cancel out the missing landings by doing touch and gos.

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They won’t ever, unless you meet the requirements every 90 days.

2 of your landings were 91 days ago, therefore they do not fall into the category of “90 Days”, therefore dropping your “Landings In The Past 90 Days” count and dropping you below the minimum grade 5 requirement.

2 Landings/Touch-and-Goes and you’ll be back at Grade 5.


you have to make more landings, you can make patterns to get more landings.

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Oof thanks for the responses, guys! Ill just try to keep up the Landings. Was pretty surprised to comeback to G4 real quick ://

Basically, the landings, once they become more than 90 days old, they are removed from the “Landings (90 Days)” count. However, they will still remain in your total landings count.

In short, the requirement ensures that you remain active on IF.

Like I said, 2 easy landings and you’ll have Grade 5 again.

For a visual idea you can check out How the landing count (and other) stats work topic.

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