Why did I get violations?

Grade 1 now !!

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This can happen if you did an overnighter and were not monitoring your flight. Nothing you can do about it except for set an alarm.



There are a few way to get violations:

Taxiing too fast
Landing in an airport too small for your plane
Aerobatics over an airport
Speed violations

Hope this helps!


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3+ ^^^

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Violations are given by the built in system, that has certain rules.
Check out this link to see how the violations system works

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I was not in overspending mate

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May I ask where and when you were flying when you received these?

What was the last flight you did? Could you send a screenshot of your logbook? Most likely you did an overnight flight and you probably got some heavy tailwinds and oversped.

By the way, you’re not grade 1, you’re grade 2

Like I said, check out the link I added. You don’t have to necessary be speeding. Doing what can be considered “Aerobatic” flying near an airport, or for instance waiting too long on a runway without moving can also get you a violation. On top of that, landing at a small airport, such as a Class Delta Airport, with an aircraft too large, such as a 747, can also get you a violation. Do you know of anything that may have given you a violation?

I flew from LAX to SFO. at a height of FL260 with 315 kts, I got without any reason violations!

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With which aircraft?


If speeding was the case you probably ran out of fuel and fell out of the air. That means your speed would have increased significantly, which means you would’ve started to receive violations below 10,000 feet.

I have 5h flight hours …

36N was not SFO. Looks like you either crashed or diverted. Did you land the plane manually?

It’s automated.

It cannot give them to you out of spite.

If you weren’t watching you cannot say you were not overspeeding because…stay with me here…you couldn’t see your screen.


I was on fly with a320

Adding on to what Tim said, looks like you were not watching. Even if you are travelling below the average speed of your aircraft, you can still overspeed. That is caused by tailwinds. The best thing you can do is have your device on you the whole flight. Looks like we found the issue. Happy landings!

I had my device in my hand all the time.
this flight takes 40-45 min. I had everything at a glance. suddenly everything was hanging and there it stood I fell. thanks anyway for your help. really disappointed