Why did I get reported?

Few seconds ago I got reported. I think because I landed on the Runway when another airplane is still on the runway from landing but i tried to Tell the aproche controller that i have on fuel left (no Tower was active). So what had i Should do ?

I will DM you.


If you were low on fuel, that means next flight take a little more:) especially going into a live atc area as you can be put in a holding pattern for a little bit

https://fpltoif.com this Website told to take that fuel


I believe when you are low o. Fuel there is a command where you can alert all controllers, including approach :)

Also I believe you would ha e had just enough fuel to go around, but only by turning base on final.

I searched but there was no

I always look at the average flight flight time, and add roughly an hour or two if it’s long haul to my fuel.

I had for an half Hour more fuel

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Guys, the controller has contacted the user. No need for further discussion.


It was planned to have more fuel on board

I have messaged the user. No need to continue here. Flagged for moderation to close. Thanks.


He shouldn’t be reported in my opinion. Empty fuel shouldn’t be a reason for ghosting if users didnt do it for trolling. Atc shouldn’t give clearence for takeoff dille an aircraft with empty fuel is landing.

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Enough discussion. Controller contacted the OP.