Why did I get reported? What did I do wrong?


I got reported for doing nothing… I got proof


What plane are you? And where is the log? @Ian_Rodriguez he is your controller PM him


I showed you the log… I sent nothing


I seen you you were told to not land as no incoming traffic was aloud and some controllers were telling you to contact them


No controllers were asking me to contact them sir… When I got into contact with the controller who was at KPMD I stayed with him for the rest of my flight to KPMD…


Where you told not to enter the airport?


I was told to not enter the airport when I was on final.


So did you fly away or continue?


I always look farward to FNFs as well… I love them and they are really fun


I shouldn’t really be posting this.

Boss told us to session ghost ANYONE who spawns in to the airport in jet.


I tried to fly a way but I couldn’t becouse I was fully set for landing so I disconnect and spawned at a gate to then taxi to the end of the runway to watch the landing but 30s after I loaded… I got reported


@The_Atwood_Family I gave you the controllers name PM him and stop this.


@Maxim why ?? I don’t understand. 😓


Then as Reltzer said, the event was only for Turboprop airplanes and Jets weren’t allowed.


I did … No reply


@MishaCamp @Swang007 @Aernout close this


Maybe they could have sent a message from the books saying… Aircraft is to big for this airport… And I simply could ahev changed it coz you don’t wait to mess with an ATC on advance


It said everywhere that there will be an FNF in SoCal today and there are always NOTAM for Advanced - also you should have noticed that something is wrong if everyone is in a turboprop. This should be the last comment on this btw


By the way… What is a turn pop ??


Not a single person said turn pop turboprop look it up and if you still have an issue message the controller.