Why did I get Check Help?

Could someone knowledgeable advise me what it was I did here that deserved the Check Help communication?

Inbound to KLAX on Expert, and while on approach the only frequency at KLAX was Ground. As such, I used Unicom, and routed myself in for a landing on 25L (the normal landing runway at LAX’s south side, where the terminal for my airline is located). On short final I get the On Guard from the now-active Tower (which I had been checking for during most of my descent down the ILS), duly call in despite being at quite a critical phase of the landing, and advise I am inbound on the ILS to the completely vacant 25L - at this point I was on full flaps, gear and getting down towards final landing speed. I then get cleared for the parallel 25R, a runway I have no chance of being able to move over to at such close range, and then get issued a Go Around. Respond to that as appropriate, am climbing and throttling up, and then get a Check Help.

Really unclear to me why I got it, but also why I was cleared by Tower onto 25R when on short final to 25L given they had only just activated.

Controller was Andrew someone. Image is a capture of the ATC log once I was in stable enough flight to screen grab it.

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@AndrewRG10 was your controller. Please contact him with any concerns or questions. :)