Why did I get asked to check tutorial for help with ATC instructions?

Hi there. As I was approaching Manchester airport from Dublin I contacted the tower and called inbound. “Ryanair 552 is 36 nm to the west at 14,500 ft, inbound for landing with information Alpha, requesting runway 23R”. I was then met with the message “please check…”. What did I do wrong? I would really appreciate help if I did a mistake. Thanks!

Username: Nordic Aviation
Call sign: Ryanair 552
Controller at the time: “IFATC LSVA Jack5101”
Time: 20:13 CEST

***Edit:***Thanks for the help, both from other users and the controller. Very happy that I’m part of this community!

I know what you did wrong! Your supposed to contact Tower below 10,000 feet


Your best bet is to contact the controller

Did you happen to say “inbound on the [ILS/GPS/visual]”? For example did you say “inbound for landing” or inbound on the ILS"? Was there an approach controller you were talking to before the check user guide was sent?

Hi! I was your controller, If you wait a few minutes I’ll get in touch with you once I’ve finished controlling.


The controller will message you to explain this particular reason why.

Thank you for being one of the few that reach out, its always nice to know that some are willing to learn. I highly recommend checking out the user guide, its got loads of useful stuff packed into it.