Why did I get a Speed Violation?

sorry, my English is not good, but i am big fan of aviation, When flight infinite say it’s next generation game? we have everything like in real plane settings and all! then why there is super violation, like from real world aviation, at FL20 speed 350KS isn’t show without using flaps of airplanes like, 787-10, 777-300ER?! how to keep the plane straight? i have also tried to use trim, here is some examples of real world planes information

& or have developers! you know what i mean.

There’s a speed violation so that people don’t go super sonic in a plane that is no capable of that in real life. Infinite Flight is all about realism.


Remember! Ground speed is NOT airspeed. A commercial airliner cruisng at FL380 at 550 knots is ground speed, they will ba moving at around 230-270knots airspeed.So what do these mean? Ground speed is simply the speed at which you are moving relative to the ground. Airspeed is harder to define, but means that whatever situation or altitude you are at as in hotter days or higher altitiudes are is thinner meaning you need more groundspeed to create the same lift over the wings. Airspeed is kind of like measuring the lift over the wings, so that whatever condition you are in in an a318 you will stall at 115ish knots airspeed, which could be anywhere from 70-600knots ground speed. Groundspeed is displayed below airspeed in your head as GS and also can be selected in the bottom bar



Look here, this is what an average plane’s speed looks like. The 250 Indicated Airspeed is what you change in IF.


He says yet i fly an f14 at fl100 at 1000knots…

And your grade is…?

Umm… Still at 1 due to excess violation but these were before i bought all of the jets

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That’s not helping your situation, flying supersonic at 10000 feet ;).


Hi, I recommend looking at the thread below :


You have to go below 350 it’s at 20,000 ft. There will be a warning saying your overspeeding.

Yeah i know. I now fly the 787 as it helps this

Specifically, Indicated Air Speed (IAS) is what will vary with air pressure. As the air thins, it doesn’t exert as much force on the pitot tube as higher density air. As a jet gains altitude, the difference between IAS and True Airspeed (the speed of the jet in relation to the speed of the air mass) will increase.


the picture is taken by me. during flight from DXB to AMS A-380

i wish i could follow this

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They’re showing groundspeed there, for some reason. IF shows airspeed on that position of the HUD. There’s the difference.

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