Why did I crash?

I was flying from ORD to MKE and I landed at runway 01 but when I touched down it said I crashed. I don’t get it. I followed all the procedures correctly.

Would you be able to share your replay 👍🏻

Did you have the gear down? Sounds stupid but sometimes people forget…

I wasn’t recording and I was playing on my kindle and now I am on my computer

How hard did u land. Could also just be a glitch…

It is too bad because I was going in for a butter…

Can’t butter it when you forget to put the gear down 😂


I did put the gear down though

Tail strike I reckon what made you crash you can share the replay if you go to the home screen of infinite flight and press replays it will let you view you’re flight.

Share the replay file or it didn’t happen. Lol

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