Why did he report me?

Hey guys, I am writing message, to just discuss with you all about one incident which happened with me just now when I was on approach at heathrow in a SAS a359 , first of all he asked me to expect vectors for iOS rnwy 9L, so I just wanted to request for being vectored in for the ils for 9R, but he told me follow instructions or you will be ghosted… I mean, it’s Ok but I was just requesting… still I took it lightly, but then after sometime, I was just requesting for an alltitude change, but by mistake I misclicked some other option, and so after that I told him immediately to to disregard my previous message. But instead of reading this he immediately reported against me which said “spamming the atc”…

It’s my sincere request all the ifatc members reading this text, pls wait for a moment before , without even thinking, reporting against any pilot…
Now because of this, I have demoted from grade 3 to grade to 2 , and now I have to wait for one full week before I can fly on the expert server again 😣😣😣


Can you check your logbook to find the controller who reported you?

We can help you send him a message.


Show us his display name

@Will_A how can I show you my logbook

Open Infinite Flight and select “logbook” on the bottom left corner.

Adding on to @Will_A

You can send a message to @reports and whoever available will help sort it out.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see his name…

Press on the flight where you were reported and click on the ‘i’ symbol

And then take a screenshot of it to you??

Yes. Simply sending us the name works as well.


Here it is

Contact @PlaneGeek via Private message to resolve this.

It’s @PlaneGeek

@PlaneGeek He is your controller and PM him to solve it

How many times are you gonna tag me?


Let me add him to this conversation…

Ok he’s here

Just contact him via PM. No need to publicly ask about this.

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To be continued via PM.